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Located in the heart of France, PIERRES & DEMEURES is an independent real estate agency specializing in the sale of charming, characterful properties, composed of a team of experienced advisors committed to providing sympathetic support for the real estate projects of their customers, both buyers and sellers.

The PIERRES & DEMEURES signature was born out of a meeting between three real estate professionals. The shared values of a passion for stone and the richness of human encounters, combined with the diversity of their personalities, led to the birth of this agency whose ambition is to build long-term customer satisfaction and trust.

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Because each story is unique, this life project requires personalized support. We put at your service:

  • In-depth knowledge of the region, thanks to our deep local roots,
  • Our expertise, gained through years of experience in real estate transactions,
  • The human dimension of our approach, from discovery to the completion of your project at the notary's office,
  • A dedicated point of contact while benefiting from the cohesion of a team whose strength lies in sharing knowledge about properties and projects,
  • Our knowledge of a network of trusted professionals who can complement our mission: diagnosticians, local craftsmen, architects, interior designers and fitters, financial advisors, notaries...,
  • Our ambition: to support your project as if it were our own, giving it the best chance of success, while voluntarily controlling our volume of transactions to ensure greater availability for each of our clients.
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Our activities revolve around two complementary areas, sales and personalized search of properties, with:

  • Local expertise,
  • In-depth market knowledge,
  • Attentive listening,
  • A unique approach to discovering your project,
  • A welcoming physical branch,
  • An attractive internet showcase,
  • Innovative communication on the main social networks,
  • National and international distribution of ads.


  • Mickael LEFEVRE

    Mickael LEFEVRE Company manager

    Sector Nord du Cher

    My journey
    After a first experience as a team manager, real estate became obvious following my meeting with a real estate agency. I first cut my teeth in a national real estate network of commercial agents for more than three years, then the entrepreneurial spirit pushed me to strike out on my own. I created the brand “Mon Terrain Idéal” (“My Ideal Land”) in 2013 then “Ma Maison Idéale” (“My Ideal House”) in 2018, each specializing in its field. As I am a man of challenges, I then became interested in a real estate specialization which highlights charming, even atypical, properties, and my meeting with Sophie and Lucile led to the creation of a third brand “Pierres & Demeures” in 2024. Specializing in the sale of properties of character, this brand is present in the departments of Cher and Indre but also in Allier and occasionally in Creuse.

    My approach to the profession

    I need contact with customers and at the same time to create, to participate in all the emulation generated by life projects. The sale of land and houses places me at the heart of these adventures. My good humor and my investment make me get up in the morning with only one idea in mind: making our customers and my teams happy, that is my driving force!

    Our region

    Native to the region, I am very attached to our Berry. Its gentle way of life, its landscapes, its culture, its preserved nature bring sweetness into my hectic pace of life. On the weekend I rediscover our environment and our heritage; the week is no less rich in discoveries in my clients’ private sphere. Who said people are bored in Berry? Prejudices again! I invite you to come and check this out for yourself. We will be happy to welcome you and support you in your new life project with tailor-made guidance.

    +33 6 83 54 11 89

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  • Sophie BRILLAUD

    Sophie BRILLAUD Company manager

    Sector Indre et Creuse

    My journey
    After working as an accountant and executive assistant for 25 years, I was able to discover the real estate profession I had been dreaming of for a few years, by joining a company specializing in charming properties. Over the course of almost six years, I learned to take an inquisitive yet respectful approach to places and people, with their very particular stories, and to provide personalized support for buyers and sellers, as close as possible to their expectations, in life circumstances that can sometimes be complicated. Real estate is first and foremost a story of encounters.

    My approach to the profession

    Encounters that inspire us, thanks to the testimonies of people who tell us the story of their home, and through the atmosphere, the marks of time in the stone, a year engraved in the keystone, a stone worn by the ring to which the horse was tied, we perceive the soul of the place. It is a thread that guides me in the shots I like to take, taking the time necessary to show the property to its best advantage, so that the charm works on the person who arrives at just the right moment to write the rest of the story.
    It is these wonderful encounters that make our profession so rich..

    Our region

    If you are planning to come and settle down in Berry, and more particularly in the department of Indre, I would like you to start by discovering writer George Sand's Black Valley, her estate at Nohant, with its romantic interior and garden decorations, the surrounding green countryside of her domain, and the old town of La Châtre; not forgetting the picturesque village of Gargilesse, one of France's most beautiful villages, where George Sand also had a home. It is a countryside I know well and love for its tranquility, its landscapes, and its gastronomy (I can recommend some good restaurants...). It is a great place to live, and I am not just saying that because I was born here. If you still have a bit of time, why not take a trip down the department of Cher, through the potters' village of Les Archers, just outside the village of Le Châtelet, whose history dates back to the 17th century, on your way to the beautiful city of Bourges.

    +33 6 80 65 14 34

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  • Lucile GOMBAULT

    Lucile GOMBAULT Company manager

    Sector Sud du Cher et Allier

    My journey
    After a first professional experience, rich in human encounters and cultural projects, the desire to support life projects more broadly presented itself to me. Passionate about decoration and interior design, I took pleasure in my personal life in carrying out real estate projects and designing layouts for old or atypical buildings, in which decoration played a major role. A few years ago, I naturally joined a real estate network specializing in the sale of charming properties, in which I acquired great experience in this real estate specialty.
    My professional meeting with Sophie Brillaud initially, then with Mickaël Lefèvre, with whom we share human values and kindness, the taste for perseverance and the passion for this profession, opened the way for me to this new specialized brand in the sale of properties of character.

    My approach to the profession

    I see the place we live in as an extension of ourselves and have therefore always given it an important place. I love the charm of the old, its beautiful stones, its beams, its rough edges, its little nooks, and crannies which give a soul to these places full of history. I like to discover the history of these properties, but also that of their owners. I immerse myself in their world, I attach particular importance to this discovery which I then transcribe through photographic images and the written presentation of the places. In each sale and acquisition, I strive to provide my support with all kindness.
    For me, a real estate transaction is above all a human adventure!

    Our region

    Berry and the department of Allier are favorite places to find beautiful, charming residences, nestled in lush greenery, or even in towns on a human scale. At the bend of a forest or a body of water, you can make beautiful architectural and cultural discoveries. Along the Jacques Cœur road, you can see, among other things, the magnificent Noirlac Abbey and the castles of Ainay le Vieux and Meillant. There are many other little gems to discover... It is good to live in the heart of France!

    +33 6 83 32 52 12

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Our partners

Committed to providing our customers with tailor-made services, we specialize in assisting them with their real estate projects, focusing on properties with charm and character.

In order to offer the best possible service for all real estate projects, we have enlisted the support of two specialized agencies:

- one specializing in the sale of more traditional properties,

- the other in the sale of land (building land, leisure land, forests, ponds, etc.).

Our partnerships enable us to combine our expertise to offer you the best chance of success and satisfaction.

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