Our motto is to pool our energies for the satisfaction of our clients, by providing a sympathetic and professional ear to bring our customers' real estate projects to a successful conclusion.

You enjoy discovering the authenticity of beautiful buildings and gardens, you are attracted by decoration and the art of living, you like the richness of encounters and at the same time you want to give more meaning to your life...

Dare to take a new direction and become a key player in your life's projects by working alongside our customers who are selling their property or looking for a new home. You have a natural ability to listen and empathize, capable of receiving the emotions that will guide you to better understand the expectations of each individual.

Become a real estate advisor at PIERRES & DEMEURES, where our founders, with their wealth of experience and diverse profiles, will support you in putting your values at the service of your customers through teamwork.

Open your arms to change but don’t let go of your values.


They are what interest us... A team that lives is a team that grows!

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