• Lucile GOMBAULT (EI) Company manager

    Sector Sud du Cher et Allier

    My journey
    After a first professional experience, rich in human encounters and cultural projects, the desire to support life projects more broadly presented itself to me. Passionate about decoration and interior design, I took pleasure in my personal life in carrying out real estate projects and designing layouts for old or atypical buildings, in which decoration played a major role. A few years ago, I naturally joined a real estate network specializing in the sale of charming properties, in which I acquired great experience in this real estate specialty.
    My professional meeting with Sophie Brillaud initially, then with Mickaël Lefèvre, with whom we share human values and kindness, the taste for perseverance and the passion for this profession, opened the way for me to this new specialized brand in the sale of properties of character.

    My approach to the profession

    I see the place we live in as an extension of ourselves and have therefore always given it an important place. I love the charm of the old, its beautiful stones, its beams, its rough edges, its little nooks, and crannies which give a soul to these places full of history. I like to discover the history of these properties, but also that of their owners. I immerse myself in their world, I attach particular importance to this discovery which I then transcribe through photographic images and the written presentation of the places. In each sale and acquisition, I strive to provide my support with all kindness.
    For me, a real estate transaction is above all a human adventure!

    Our region

    Berry and the department of Allier are favorite places to find beautiful, charming residences, nestled in lush greenery, or even in towns on a human scale. At the bend of a forest or a body of water, you can make beautiful architectural and cultural discoveries. Along the Jacques Cœur road, you can see, among other things, the magnificent Noirlac Abbey and the castles of Ainay le Vieux and Meillant. There are many other little gems to discover... It is good to live in the heart of France!

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